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Customer Retention

Our starting point is to focus on improving loyalty with your existing customers – with typical customer retention as low as 80% this means a business is letting it’s profits seep out like water from a leaky bucket. Loyal customers are:

as likely to repurchase
as likely to refer
more will buy a new product
as likely to forgive
as likely to try new things
the cost to sell to
profits per 5% + retention

The secret is to creating happy customers is to help them to grow their business – imagine if you could provide expert, personalised advice and support that creates business growth of between 18 and 47% every year? Wouldn’t that make you a loyal customer? Delivered through a web portal and app, the programme can include:

  • Personalised advice on growing their business
  • Business insights on their performance vs their competitors
  • Training
  • Lead generation
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Advertising
  • Reviews and referrals
  • Business automation tools
  • Privileged rates on vetted suppliers to help them grow
  • The ability to earn points to spend on equipment and services to grow their business
  • A better customer experience as our feedback helps to minimalise negative experiences

In addition providing the ability to contact customers with regular positive news, the customer loyalty programme will help re position their Account Manager as a trusted advisor that helps them grow. If your bank or payment processor was providing you with the majority of your business growth, would you consider going anywhere else?

Customer Acquisition

Once you have created this compelling point of differentiation, we can help you acquire more customers. Our acquisition team can help you through:

  • Getting referrals through existing customers
  • Motivating introductions through influencers and channels like accountants, associations, business networks and other loyalty programmes
  • Prospecting with our Nano solution to set-up highly qualified appointments at the point when a customer is looking for (or looking to move) a solution just like yours

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