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Hair & Beauty

Improving profits in hair and beauty

As you know, developing customer loyalty and retention in the hair and beauty industry is a challenge. The ever-shifting trends in colours, styles and choice of hair and beauty brands, along with generally an indirect relationship with the customer – it is hardly surprising that hair and beauty loyalty rates are only 42%

Nobody sticks to one health and beauty brand as we select products based on reviews and recommendations on a case by case so will typically have a selection of competing brands in their bathroom.

Consultant / stylists

Retail and salon consultants can have a massive impact on your share of a customers wallet by introducing complementary and new products you can start to lock out the competitors.

We can help you develop a strategy to :

  • Engage the consultants or stylists with your products, developing brand, product and sales skill knowledge to make sure they feel confident to recommend your product to their customers and an incentive strategy to motivate them to do so.
  • Increase sales and loyalty based on our experience of running hundreds of programmes through the UK and Eire’s leading retailers, wholesalers and salons and driven sales increases of 38-1480% paying for the programmes many times over.

Customer promotions

Gifts with purchase and mail in offers can be an effective way to switch sales or encourage trial – we can help you source and deliver incredible offers that entice customers and drive sales – in addition to merchandise like bags, clothes and brushes, we have a huge range of incredible lifestyle awards that can build on your brand’s values from experiences to holidays.

Membership programmes

The ultimate loyalty technique is to get customers to sign-up to a membership programme. In return for a monthly subscription, they get a regular supply of their favourite products along with values added services. In return, you get low cost of servicing re-occurring income you can plan on and due to the monthly payment an easy way to upsell – through add-ons for just a few extra pounds per month.

We can help you create, launch and run a compelling membership programme and can provide cost effective add-ons like:

  • Exclusive how to videos and news
  • Exclusive brand experiences and events Free treats including holidays, experiences and vouchers
  • Free VIP nightclubbing
  • Concierge services to save customers time and provide a true VIP experience
  • Up to 98% saving on shopping, health clubs, cinema, eating-out, transport, holidays and leisure
  • Lotteries
  • The ability to earn points to spend on rewards

Imagine if, for £19.99 per month in addition to product worth over £20, your customers could receive thousand in annual savings on and free goods and services – no wonder programmes like this have increased retention for by as much as 242%.

Experienced team

Our hair and beauty team have helped to increase sales with many of the leading hair and beauty brands including: Chloé, Covergirl, Gillette, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Max Factor, Old Spice, No 7, Rimmel, Sassoon, Sebastian, Wella to name a few

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