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Customer referrals

Helping drive high quality sales leads through word of mouth marketing

We all know that customer referrals are the most effective way to get new customers – infact research shows that 87% of happy customers are happy to refer and will do so to an average of 4 customers a year – but be honest, are you getting anywhere near that number of leads?

Orangutan have helped other people like you in the leading brands generate and convert high quality leads through word of mouth marketing.

Increasing referrals is easy

  • Ask your connections
  • Make it easy
  • Remove the need for customers to disclose their friend or colleagues data
  • Provide a unique benefit for referred customers (and the referrer)

creating a lead generation engine

Referred leads convert far more and provide a far greater return on investment than any other form of marketing – but better still, referred customers: spend more, stay with you longer and are 4 times more likely to refer you to their contacts.

This means that if you keep the momentum going, each generation of customers will trigger more leads and business getting rid of the need to invest in other costly forms of lead generation

we can help

We can help you launch and manage a word of mouth marketing strategy including systems, communications and awards or offer a self-serve SAAS on a pay per sale basis.

Why not book a 15 minute call or Zoom HERE with one of our consultants

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