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You need ‘Sticky’ Customers

If you sell to, or through businesses and want to achieve extraordinary growth for your business without sacrificing margin? Here’s the answer. It’s simple, find businesses who want to buy what you sell and get them to buy more and you even know who they are – your customers
Loyal customers are:

as likely to repurchase
as likely to refer
more will buy a new product
as likely to forgive
as likely to try new things
the cost to sell to
profits per 5% + retention

But how do you do it ?

How do you do it without being seen to be tacky or worse still corrupt? It’s surprisingly simple – help them grow and you can grow with them
An effective business support programme will:

  • Analyse both sales patterns and customer research, to create a blueprint to increase sales, engagement and loyalty
  • Support them in growing their department or business through providing expert help, coaching and advice and market insights from leading experts
  • Provide free and privileged rates on goods and services to help them implement that advice and achieve their objectives
  • If appropriate, create programmes where they earn financial support for these strategies in return for their continued business and referrals
  • Create and manage an on-going dialogue that transforms you from a supplier to a trusted advisor that is critical to their growth

Follow these simple steps and they will reward you with a greater share of their business, referrals and insights

We can help you get there faster with:

  • A blue print of what will be needed
  • Experts to put the programme together and to coach your customers
  • Incredible rates on business support tools
  • And the goods and services you and your customers will need to grow

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