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Business customer retention

Want to engage and motivate your sales partners and business customers ?

A business customer loyalty programme can help you achieve 25-95% growth in profit

The potential growth of your business is in your customer relationships. If you fail to engage, and nurture them then it will fail. Simple. Whether end users or channel partners, your customers want to buy more and refer you to other customers, it’s time to ignite the spark. if you want to drive your business to the next level…

Then let’s do it! We have the experience to guide you

.. and have done it with other leading companies (large and small) including: BMW, Microsoft and Wella to name a few.

… customisable modules designed around your business, at off the shelf prices

Imagine if you could help your customers and channel partners to grow their business

  • With sales and marketing advice from experts in their fields
  • Developed with other leading brands like: Acer, BMW, Coty, HP Compaq, Microsoft,Orange, P&G … to name a few
  • Consistently delivering 20-67% growth for the brand and their customers

How loyal they would be once you are providing:

  • Market intelligence and leads
  • Strategic support delivered through your account managers
  • 20% of their new business pipeline
  • Their website, SEO, advertising and marketing
  • Plus taken a lump out of their overheads

if you could save your customers up to 95% on the things they need to run their businesses:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Recruitment, HR, training and employee engagement
  • Company vehicles and travel
  • Energy, telecoms, insurance, overheads
  • R&D
  • Freeing capital for investment

We have nine pillars that can help you deliver this promise and enjoy the returns:

Help and advice to grow their business, brought to them through industry experts
Free and discounted rates on the goods and services they need to grow their business
Information on how their customers perceive them – and how this compares to their competitors plus who is looking to buy more from them
Sales and people development to give them skills in prospecting, account management and the soft skills they need to thrive
Earn points through working with you to spend on growing their business through promotions to their customers and more
Exclusive promotions to use to drive their business forward and increase sales for you
Regular qualified business appointments generated exclusively for them either free or for a low price
Sales team incentives to help them to deliver business growth for their business – and for yours
Leagued incentives enabling them to earn kudos from being a top performer and the rewards of success

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